>The Lovesome performs<


The Lovesome performs classic standards from the Great American Songbook, bossa nova and pop tunes, as well as original music.

Based in New York City, Hawkeye and Hoe perform at private parties, clubs, and corporate events.

With hours of sparkling instrumental and vocal music at the ready for you and your guests, we can provide smaller and larger ensembles depending on your specific requirements. For example, we play with saxophonists, trumpet players, and guitarists, and can easily bring them along to a gig.

A fully insured ensemble, compact, and tasteful band, we see to it that your event is nothing short of spectacular.

Kelsey and The Lovesome perform favorites from the 40's to the 70's in a classic, effervescent style. Anchored by the lush vocals of Kelsey Jillette, the group plays familiar songs in a romantic, danceable, and engaging style that will delight your guests.

With a repertoire of songs made famous by Ray Charles, Patsy Cline, Elvis Presley, Etta James, and Frank Sinatra (to name but a few), The Lovesome provides hours of charming, sparkling music to your party.

Upscale, compact, always tasteful, The Lovesome 's size is flexible and can be customized to your event. Whether duo, trio, quartet, or quintet, Kelsey and The Lovesome will add distinction and elegance to your party. The Lovesome offers liability insurance that will give you and your venue peace of mind. Please contact us today!